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We Don't Just Paint, We Restore!

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About Xtreme Painting

Xtreme Painting is a locally owned company conveniently located in Kingsport, TN. We serve Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol, Greeneville, and the entire Tri-Cities area, as well as Sevierville and its surrounding areas. We specialize in residential and commercial painting.

We also offer services in drywall, hardwood flooring, fence and deck staining, log cabin staining, ceramic tile, vinyl siding, and complete home restorations.

The owner, Richard Keen, has years of experience in painting and home remodeling. Our crew is also comprised of men and women experienced in this line of work. Xtreme Painting focuses on what we feel is most important to our customers: quality, reliability, and saving you money.

Be Xtreme (The Origin Story)

This company was never intended to be what it is now. It started with painting and remodeling as a side-job in 2011. At the time, Rick already had a full-time job that he was happy with and enjoyed.

Then business slowly started picking up for his painting, and in 2012, Rick had to make a decision between his full-time job and pursuing his own business. After some serious thought and prayer, Rick decided to take the leap. He left his full-time job and created Xtreme Painting.

At first, it was just he and his brother running the company and working on all the jobs. After about a year, Rick had to start hiring crew members so he could keep up with the fast-growing popularity of his business. 


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Xtreme Painting has not been without setbacks and roadblocks. In June of 2012, we bought an ad in the phonebook that did not print until July. We had no other forms of advertisement at the time, so work was extremely thin for the whole month of July that year, and we almost went out of business. We ended up knocking on doors to get jobs that month, and it was enough to get us through. This has not been the only roadblock we’ve experienced as a company, but we are thankful that God has and continues to keep a hand on our business. 

For Rick, the hardest part of running this business has been keeping a balance of money. He says it’s a careful balance between charging enough for services to cover labor costs while still providing customers with an affordable and reasonable price. The best part about having this business, Rick says, is having connections with his employees and seeing how being a part of this company has positively influenced their lives. He also is very grateful to be able to do what he loves for a living. 

What has kept this company successful is each member of our team’s desire to make ourselves different and better from our competing companies. But more importantly, we know that God has plaid a huge role in our growth and success.

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Mission Statement

Xtreme Painting is dedicated to setting the highest standard for quality/professional work at an affordable price, as well as developing and maintaining a reputation for customer satisfaction that is beyond reproach. We vow to treat each customer’s home and/or business as if it were our own, so that customers of Xtreme Painting are guaranteed to experience top-quality care and results. 

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Vision Statement

We at Xtreme Painting strive to become a leader in our industry, to be different and better than our competitors.

Xtreme Painting’s team aims to redefine professionalism, set the bar on quality, and to be the household name of the tri-cities and of East Tennessee for painting and remodeling.

We Don’t Just Paint, We Restore!